Saturday, April 30, 2011

P for Panda

time for commercial break. seriously.
Did I mentioned that I have a brother too? (like I forgot about having a brother hehe)
My brother and his wife have a Pancake booth called Panda Recipe, they sell Pancakes of course :)
If you are in Bandung, please visit them at Pasteur Hyper Point's Lower Ground floor and try the pancakes.

They ask me to make some  designs, check it out at the Panda Recipe's tumblr page.
What they didn't know and didn't ask is that I designed the mascot so I could make the amigurumi version of it too.

And for this special occasion, I also modified my 3d puzzle to have Panda Recipe's theme using some graphics I made for the real booth.

 this is the 3d puzzle before
and this is after

The weird thing is that I spent more effort modifying this display, unlike when I was at the college, I made an ugly exhibition display design back then.

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