Friday, April 22, 2011


the real bahasa for camel is Unta, but sometime we spell it as Onta, or sometime Ontah
and this amigurumi I dedicated to a good friend, Ontah

Her real name was Fany, Ontah was her nick name
I don't remember why did I call her Ontah (or sometime Hatno)
maybe because of her funny way of eating, looked like a cammel.

She was very kind and pretty.
She used to refer herself as "fanysayang" (dear Fany),
I thought it was very silly, but it's true that she's our dearest friend.
She passed away last year because of Lung Cancer, while she never smoke at all.
I really hate myself for not always be there for her.
I didn't make my promise to treat her when I won the animation contest,
and I didn't make her the crocheted toys she asked me.

Her favorite color was yellow, and she love to wear white hijab and blue shirt, it's her favorite costume and everybody seems to notice that
back in the college, there were a movie about her in the white hijab and blue shirt (reacted by someone else), she hated the movie, it's a funny movie tho.
I always remember her when I saw another people wearing similar white and blue costume.
That's why I made the camel amigurumi in white, not in camel colors.
well, Fany, this amigurumi is yours, hope you like it :)

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  1. ihiks....
    jadi sedih..
    my name is fani. and i am not a terorist. *halagh, nggak nyambung.*

    nice ontah.... :)