Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Winter Everyone!!!!

first, I'm living at tropical country
second, it's April
third, it's not April Fool anymore.

Ladies and Gentlemen, finally the package I sent 3 months ago arrived!
it was called winter amigurumi swap in a FlickR group.
my swap partner is Lourdes from Argentina
since it's a half world journey, I made the amigurumi as soon as I knew my partner, then sent it right away.
Jackie Chan only took 80 days to go around the world, so I never thought it would take longer time for the package to arrive.

the parcel I sent

I was the first who send the package and ended up being the last. like OMG 3 months delay?
I asked the post office, kinda terrorizing the customer service (so sorry), but no clues.
I already gave up and sent a 2nd package through the fast and expensive shipping service, then 4 days later the 1st package arrived... WHAT?

So... thank you to the post office, I'm really sorry for being customer from hell.
and Thank you, Lourdes, for being very patient, I'm really sorry for making you waiting this long. I hope you enjoy the parcel, I pick them all specially for you :)

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