Monday, October 17, 2011

my Father's day

my Father's birthday again!
this year He is 60 years old, very healthy and hopefully always happy.

Like his birthday before, I always make him some rooster themed creation,
because he is " mon papa poule" and I love to call him "ayamanda"

I was busy taking care of many things, I almost unable to make anything this year.
but thanks to Anna hrahovec's book, I borrowed her Idea to make a tiny amigurumi,
so it could be done in few hours.

I made the rooster using my own pattern tho there's already a chicken pattern in the book, so it would looked more personal.
I still used the same design, based on the famous chicken bowl, red and black.
and this time it's more for a flash disk charm.

I think there would be at least 40 more rooster for the next 40 years (or more), so I hope my Dad would stay healthy forever :)

by the way, my mom is 60 too, I never made her amigurumi not because I love her any less than my dad, it's just because she's my knitting teacher, and it's not funny to give her my creations.

PS:  there's also another good thing just happened today, some of you may already know, but let's keep it until tomorrow