Thursday, March 31, 2011

J is for...Jaka! Jaka Sembung

Just for your information:
in Indonesia 250,000 IDR (28.75 USD) is:
enough for at least 25 meals (rice and chicken),
or my transportation cost from home-work-home for 62 days
or 12 comic books
or 3 original music CD
or to send your package to nowhere.

so what's the correlation with amigurumi?
nothing, I'm just writing unrelated topic to fit the theme:

Jaka Sembung mawa golok,
teu nyambung go*lok!

translation for the popular rhyme:
Jaka Sembung (it's a name) bring a Blade, it's out of topic (or no correlations), idiot!

tips: Read the rhyme while cutting the tomatoes!

ah, I should've give him some chest hair 

of course it's popular for informal conversation, to mock others.
Jaka Sembung itself is a fictional character,
I never read the comic or watch the movie so I don't know much about the character.
and yesterday I found this site, which makes me feel like I really have to make the amigurumi.
like, OMG it's gore! it's crappy and it's classic, How can I miss this movie?

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