Wednesday, March 23, 2011

G is for Gergaji si Gorila

G is for Gergaji si Gorila (Gorilla's Saw)
the alternate title for this theme is Gore Gorilla
as my friend said it's not Gore without blood,
so I'm really sorry, this post will need parent guidance for children.

I'm a fans of cheesy horror movie with fake blood, crappy visual effect.
I even dream of making horror movie someday :)

the zombie gorilla still haunt human for revenge, with saw in its hand
it's your fault, cutting all the trees, YOU killed the gorilla

and in fact, it's really happens. (not the undead gorilla.. but the people who kill apes)
I don't know about gorilla, but it happens to orangutan.
some people killed  the big orangutans and take their baby, sell it for money.
while other do not kill the orangutan directly, but cutting down the forest, so the orangutan couldn't live there anymore :(
by the way, another title for this theme is Go Green Gore Gorilla's Gergaji (5Gs! that's a combo)

other picture in colors here and here

Oh and the next letter is H.. for Horror! so I could make another amigurumi with blood! *evil laugh*


  1. iiiittttt's awesome . it's wonderful . gimana jd spesialist amigurumi , kak ? qu pingin bisa tp kaga ada yg ngajarin . padahal di ruma uda ada benang ama hakpen 1 kardus . tp ttep ajh kaga tau gimana :'(

  2. Hai Bell, makasih ya :)
    ini juga awalnya ga pengen jd spesialis amigurumi, tp dasarnya emang ga bisa bikin yang rapih jadi bikinnya cuma bisa amigurumi.
    buat belajar bikin, kayanya di internet ada banyak tutorialnya, atau ngga bisa kursus juga, sebentar juga pasti langsung bisa.
    buat info kursus, kayanya bisa liat di atau ikut komunitasnya di FB ;)

  3. sipppp , thanks kak . btw , qu ama anying & teyong :D say my hello for them :D