Thursday, April 19, 2012

OMGrumi : Pak Raden

In Indonesia, there are only a few TV programs for children.
I remember watching Si Komo and Si Unyil, two of the best local TV programs for children.
to be honest I'm more a fans of Si Komo than Si Unyil, I only watch Unyil's opening back then.
but what's make Unyil special is Pak Raden, the man behind Unyil and the gang.

I still remember watching one of Pak Raden's show when he was telling a story while he was also drawing.
I heard the same story many times,  but the one he's reading is still the best version.
What a great storyteller he is!

ever since that day, I always hope to become a great storyteller like him.
If I ever had a chance to take graduate programs, it would be about educational TV program for children because I want to be like Pak Raden who dedicates his life for Indonesian children.

I just found out last year that Pak Suyadi (the real person who plays the Pak Raden character) was also from ITB 's art faculty.  Both of us are animators, He's making puppet while me making yarn plushie.  Is that a coincidence, or am I unconsciously trying to follow his steps?

by the way while the real Pak Raden doll is a hand puppet, this Pak Raden amigurumi is a thumb puppet :p