Monday, April 16, 2012

We'll meet again, that's for sure!

I still remember last year when I decided to join Crafty Days at Tobucil.
to refresh your memory, please read this post.
I decided that it would be my first and only participation in a bazaar.
I remember my own statement in front of the Tobucil Crew "we'll meet again, 10 years later", and it was recorded.

I take back all my words.  Too many things happened in a year that I changed my mind.
It didn't take a year to change everything, cause the day after the Crafty Days, I lost my job.
not because I joined the crafty days but because the studio I worked at were closed.

it's true that I haven't got a courage to rent a stand for Zpiderdzigh, but this year it's different,
It's time to collaborate with amazing talents.
it's time for Gondangdia Afterwork project.
one stand for five of us.
One table for five kind of crafts.
And I still hope that there would be more friends joining, the more the merrier :D

So if you are happen to be in Bandung at May 5 and 6, please visit Tobucil Crafty Days at Jalan Aceh No. 56.
You'll see amazing wood creation from Khaf Wooden Toys, pretty and cute owl macrame necklace from Indecraft, pretty and colorful flower from Jertira Craft, fireflies chinese knot keychain from Rumah kreasiku, and amigurumis from zpiderdzigh, all in one table, all from Gondangdia :)
no no I won't put the pictures here... not yet :D

I'm so excited to prepare my amigurumis. And even I wonder how it would be, cause I'm in Jakarta and the amigurumis are in Bandung. it would be a big surprise :)


  1. Hi,I have seen your orangutan craft doll,they are pretty nice.Do u sell them??I hope you can reply me soon,ty :)

    1. Hi Pirate Lyxion,

      I've read all your comments, and I did reply your message at your blog (cause I didn't find your mail address).
      anyway, answering your question: I do sell them but most of them are already sold out, and the rest of the orangutan are already send for a local bazzar this May. But you could order your own orangutan doll in your preferred colors for 90000 to 150000 IDR (about 10- 16 USD). Please send me e-mail to zuperdzigh[at]yahoo[dot]com if you are interested.