Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cockroach Pattern on PDF?

so you want a pattern, I mean you really really want it? Are you ready for all the consequences? Really? ARE YOU SURE?
prove it then I'll send you the pattern (written on PDF)  for only 2 USD
the step by step:
1. Send me e-mail
2. I'll send you a paypal invoice
3. Pay it with paypal, and notify me (e-mail me again)
4. I'll check the fund transfer then I'll send you the PDF to your mail

I think it will take about 1-3 days to get the steps done, considering the time zone differences.
complicated, that's why only the one who really want the cockroach pattern shall proceed.
when I wrote consequences,   one of the consequences is to accept it as it is (honestly it's unedited, and I got a poor pattern writing skill and funny Engrish)
as a reference of how I wrote the pattern, you could check my free patterns.

I would like to make this pattern available for free, but somehow I need to start collecting money so I can pay a web designer to build me a pattern shop which would be more practical to use :D

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