Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I was kinda busy of not doing anything

Sorry for not updating the blog regularly.
I still making amigurumis,  there are a lot of unfinished amigurumis.
here's a proof that I really did making something:

I'm not a good actress, I did knit something in front of the camera I just haven't finished it yet.
it was broadcasted last week for "Matahati" on DaAiTV (local TV).
the report was about Gondangdia Afterwork, an unofficial club I made with my colleagues at the office.
crafty club after the work hour.

it's kinda weird looking at my own face on the TV screen monitor (I have no TV), and later hearing my own voice.
what the hell did I say in front of the camera, what a weird voice :p
did you watch it too? no? Lucky you :D
anyway, just in case you have a TV and you are living in Indonesia, you might see my face again soon.
stay tune!!

if you'd rather see my face and hear my voice directly, please come to the Amigurumi Nusantara Book Launching at Plasa Semanggi, December 2, at 15:00 AM.
no, I didn't write that book, but I'll be there as the host :D

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