Monday, November 12, 2012

Peribahasa: Ada Udang di Balik Batu

it's time to learn another Indonesian proverb!

"Ada udang di balik batu"
literal translation: there's prawn behind the rock
means there's something "fishy" or hidden intention behind someone's attitude.

in a Malaysian movie I recently watch, the proverb written as "Udang di sebalik batu", but I think the meaning are the same.
speaking about prawn, there's another proverb involving Prawn:

Otak + Udang

"Otak udang" (Prawn's brains) means dumb or stupid.
because prawn's brain are dirty, if you like to cook some prawn, then you know that there are a lot of crap in it's back (not really in its head, but yeah, it's dirty).

the brain part received a lot of critic because it is too clean, too white and looks more like coral.
it was very difficult to make, I spent two whole nights to made it, so I have to ignore their comments :p
it's not just brains, there's a little twist behind that brains.

it's reversible! when reversed, the brains become the rock.
so I invented a new proverb is "ada otak udang di balik batu" (there's a prawn's brain behind the rock)
it could means there's a dumb intention behind someone's attitude :p

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