Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I'm relaxed!

last week when I was interviewed, they ask me to show how I enjoyed knitting.
if knitting is my hobby then I have to looks more relaxed when doing it and suggest me to listen to iPod while knitting.
I don't have iPod and I don't like using earphone, so it's a greatest lie if you'll see me knitting while wearing earphone.

The only thing I could do while using earphone is sleeping.  Really, even at work.
I prefer watching TV or DVD or browsing the internet while knitting.

yes, multitasking is distracting, but that's work for me.
it's tiring but it's better than falling asleep while still holding needles, right?

I specially made the bubble speech and the TV for the interview last week. The text in the bubble text is "Masuk Tipi" ( an expression to say "I'm on TV") cause my friend told me that I should have said so when I was interviewed :p

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