Saturday, December 1, 2012

20 days before the expired ID Card

I want to make my 27 years of life full of adventures
I was still trying to do many things before my ID card expired on my 28th birthday.
but then I got a news, my cousin, Petrus Sigit,  passed away last Friday because of chronic kidney disease.
He lived in our house for many years during his college days.  He was like a big brother to me.
Since he was married, we were rarely contact each other.
I find it odd when he out of the blue contacted me few months ago, because, really, I didn't hear any news from him for years.  I never knew it was the last time I "talk" (via sms) with him.
I did meet him about two or three months ago at the hospital, he was lying in bed in pain so I didn't really talk to him.
last week I heard that he was getting better, so I was shocked when my father told me he passed away.

I was planning to do various things this month.  From finding a new job or making another animation or just watching free movies on movie festival.  Now it was just some silly unimportant thing to do before my ID card expired.
I still can do it after I got a new ID Card, is there anything more important to do before my life expired?

So long, Mas Petrus,  Rest in Peace.

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