Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Wishlist

For my birthday or for Christmas or maybe New Year Presents or maybe because you want to buy me something, here's my wishlist (I stalk it at ebay everyday it became an obsession):

 4. Tatting Shuttle from Aerlit (preferably the pink one)

number 1-5 are very specific items, but if you want to give me  a little bit surprise by choosing the model and price by yourself, here are some suggestion:

6. Wallet
I NEED A WALLET (with a lot of cash) cause my wallet is torn here and there and can't keep cash in it for a long time.
7. Bags
I love bags, especially handmade bag.
8. Notebook
do you remember that I broke my notebook? Mac or Windows are fine by me ;;)
9.  Anything pink!
10. Anything lime green!

thank you very much :D

I will be back soon with another new list!

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