Thursday, December 13, 2012

Flamingo giveaway before the Apocalypse

it was long planned, not As old the Mayan calendar, but I had planned to give away an amigurumi again this December, before the 2012 apocalypse.
Choosing one amigurumi for the give away is not a simple task.  Come on! it could be the last giveaway, I have to give something useful.
so, at last, I finally chose *drum roll* a Flamingo!
as for why, you tell me :)

just write in a comments below, how do you survive an apocalypse with a Flamingo?  or why do you need a Flamingo before the apocalypse.  or just write something interesting about why should I send you this Flamingo
I will pick one lucky winner based on the answer :)
don't forget to write down you're e-mail address so I can contact you if you are the winner :)
all human and orangutan in any address in the world may participate in this giveaway.
The contest will be closed on December 21 2012

PS: there might be another giveaway, so stay tune!  


  1. A Flamingo!! I love Flamingos, here in Sardinia there's plenty of (pink) Flamingos! *w* And I've seen them- lucky me. :D
    Me and my Flamingo will survive the apocalypse by flying away all over the globe in search of a safe spot... okay, not really since it's a crocheted flamingo XD but by winning this I can study it closely and maybe learn how to crochet. Or maybe not-- it seems so difficult. °w°


  2. Flamingos are very lovely creatures, so surviving the apocalypse with them in tow might not actually *help* with survival, but it would allow you to do the apocalypse with style.

    Imagine yourself, running along the flame-surrounded roads, with nothing but your Scooby-Doo lunchbox and flamingo in tow. All around you is chaos, despair, and the horrible smell of burning asphalt and People magazines.

    You're feeling hopeless, wondering how you can go on when you look down and realize, you have the world's last Twinkie and bologna sandwich in one hand and a handful of pink hope in the other.

    With that, you are truly unstoppable. :)

    lsauvola @ gmail . com xo

  3. I would love to win this because I want to give it as a gift to my sister. She and I both love flamingos and I think it would look cute in her office at work.

  4. I'm in need of a flamingo for my friend Mr. Pink. He is so depressed by the thought to spend the end of the world alone.
    Here you can see how sad he looks:
    It's heart-wrenching, isn't it?