Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Me on Moccachinno

last week zpiderdzigh was featured on Moccachinno, at TransTV :)

it's me again!!! (doing that duck face on TV)

a little bit crocheting demonstration
yes.. I specially requested them to put this "masuk tipi" notes, and they put it on the credit title :p
(masuk tipi measn "I'm on TV")

what you didn't see at the TV:

1.  I just figured out that I have a brief case full of small amigurumis.  I spent 2 hours to display them at one table, and the first thing the cameraman said was, "I'd like to see the table cleared up, and you'll put the dolls one by one". *shocked!

 2. I already prepared the cup amigurumi the night before the shoot.

3. I was asked to make some kind of puppet theater, but I failed. acting is just not my thing :p
4. few days later, my Kuda Lumping also featured at O Channel
this is Mbak Oty, the owner of Rajutanmama (yarn shop  and knitting community at depok)

here's more picture of my amigurumi

I find it hard to let them go, I love them all.
Kuda Lumping, the most challenging amigurumi  I ever made
teyong & anying
Indonesian animal (komodo, sumatran tiger, rhino, proboscis monkey)
the big dolls at the back and the pink bear are my first amigurumi

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