Thursday, December 6, 2012

End of Year Sale!

I knew I can't depend on miracle to fulfill my wishlist.
So I decided to let go some of my amigurumi

Rhino Rp 30000,00

Komodo Rp 30000,00

Rafflessia girl Rp 30000,00 

Sumatran Tiger Rp 70000,00

Rudolph Rp 100000,00
Buba bear Rp 100000,00

Chesire Cat Rp 100000,00 
Flying Fox Rp 150000,00 

Jakumi Rp 100000,00

Lion Tamer and The Lion Rp 275000,00 

Yeti Rp 120000,00
Jaka Sembung & Ninja Rp 100000,00
Homo Homini Lupus Rp 250000,00
Entok Rp 100000,00
 Android Doll @ Rp 50000,00
available: yellow, blue, pink, baby pink, purple

Android and Jellybean Rp 200000,00
Semut & Gula Rp 150000,00

Katak & tempurung Rp 100000,00 
Penguin Rp 30000,00 SOLD!

for order please send e-mail with subject "end of year sale" to :

Note:  the listing price exclude shipping price.
this amigurumis are made as toy, so if you want to changed it to be phone charm or key chain I will give the key chain part for free but won't attach it to the amigurumi.

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