Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2011 is the Komodo's year

I made a post about Komodo last year, how I wished that Komodo Island become one of the New7Wonders.
Few days ago, it was announced that Komodo Island finally become one of the New7wonders (nature category).
Right now I'm not so sure if being the new7wonder is the best thing for the Komodo and the people living at the island.
the Komodo Island is really wonderful, just look at the pictures from my sister's trip.
the thing is, Indonesia is the worst country for animals especially when it's involve money.
let's hope that the government keep their promise not to damage the Komodo's habitat just because they want more money from tourism to the Island.

meanwhile, right now there's a big sport event held in Indonesia, the 2011 Sea Games.
the mascots are Komodos, I won't put their picture here, cause I hate the white Komodos, it's just silly.
I must admit that creating a friendly anthropomorphic character based on Komodo is hard, and my Komodo design might be worst than the mascot.
But no, I don't want to make amigurumi based on Modo& Modi to celebrate the event.
All the best for the athletes :)


the Komodo and the anthropomorphic Komodo

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