Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rice Cooker

I had a very unproductive week last week,
I had a stomachache due to the stress being unemployed (don't worry, the stomachache is gone now that I got a job, YAY!)

but I blamed the Rice Cooker.
that day, I chose to skip lunch because, I was bored eating rice.
like, I have been living in Indonesia for 22 years, and we eat rice every day,
"karena orang Indonesia Makan Nasi" (= cause Indonesian eat rice).

it's not considered as "having lunch/dinner" if we didn't eat rice.
in Indonesian modern living, Rice cooker is a must have tools.

You will be considered as an idiot cook, if you can't even cook some rice using rice cooker.

this tiny rice cooker were made using my new Tulip Etimo Crochet, thanks Hanna <3

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