Wednesday, November 16, 2011

another froggy day

I never bored of this creature.
a few years ago, I found a frog doll at a gift store,
a white frog in sweater.
I kinda regret that I can't buy it that time, cause I didn't have money back then.
this frog is not based on that frog, the shape is completely different, but reminded me of that doll.
I was planning on making this frog for my sister's birthday, but I messed up with the yarn combination.
You can't see it at the pictures, the back part is very messy :p

my favorite froggy day: laying at the bushes
watching the fish, too bad Frog eat insect, not fish
admiring the flower...
...while you are admiring my forehead (I do look cute in bird's eye view)
and singing a Frog song to welcome the rain

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