Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Forgotten Rhino

before, I wrote about orangutan, bekantan, komodo, an sumatran tiger.
How could I missed the Javan Rhino (Rhinoceros sondaicus)?
I live in Java, precisely West Java which used to be the same province as Ujung Kulon, where the Javan Rhino live.
There's a live sized Rhino statue standing across the road in front of my High School.
 How could I missed the Rhino?

the live sized Rhino statue at the city hall

Thanks to Pikiran Rakyat (a local newspaper) which wrote articles about this endangered animal, now I have no reason not to make a post about Rhino.
based on the article, there's only about 50-60 Javanese Rhino left on Earth, which makes the Rhino as the rarest mammals. 
The same species used to lived at Vietnam, India, Bangladesh and Myanmar too, but now they only lived at Ujung Kulon.
Javan Rhino has only one horn, but some female rhinos don't have any horns at all.

rhino is a solitary animal, and it needs a very wide  habitat

Their extinction maybe just a matter of time because their habitat were turned into farms and there also illegal hunting for their ivory.
there are some disagreement and controversy between the government, the local residence, and the wild life conservatory organization about the solution to protect the Rhino habitat.

it's hard to design this doll, cause I failed at drawing the real style Rhino,
I can't crochet things I can't even draw using pencil.

So I don't know how to help the Rhino, all I can do is making a Rhino doll and write about it.  Probably by spreading the words, we could later found a better solutions for the Rhino. if you have more information about how to help the Rhino, please do tell me, so I can help spreading the information via this blog.

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