Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Halloween is over, this ghost is late for the Halloween Party,
cause he can't walk like zombie, and can't fly like dracula.
He jumps, he is the famous Pocong!

 that's not blood, only part of the bricks.

as a horror movie fans I have consider making Indonesian ghost in amigurumi.
But Indonesian ghost are not cute at all especially compared to Casper.
I'm blessed cause I can't see ghosts (I'm not even sure they actually exist).
at first I didn't want to make Pocong, cause it's scary. 
But when I see how cool is my bathroom's wall now, I had too.  I mean, not everyday, you have your bathroom wall under renovation and looked like a Horror movie set :p

Pocong is the most popular Indonesian ghost.  He has been appeared in a lot horror movie, from the scary one to the silly one. And now Pocong also has twitter. well, this amigurumi is inspired by the movie based on that twitter account. I just watch the trailer recently.

Pocong itself is a dead human covered with white fabric from heads to toe, and then tied up. that's why he jumps.  it sounds silly and harmless, but believe me you don't want to meet this ghost.

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