Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jellybeans for adoption, save me from boredom!

it's time to gather some more money because, my dear netbook has been acting up since last week.
I need a new notebook or PC (or Mac) immidiatelly.
Living without TV and Air Conditioner was no big deal, but I can't live without computers.
things get worse since I am living alone, and I am broke and the payday is not coming untill next week.
so please help me :((
the android is available for adoption, to save me from boredom*. How about for IDR 300000? 
you'll get the jellybeans too.

*)I'm so desperate in fixing my netbook, that I made a new android doll for my friend in exchange of fixing the netbook. the first attempt to fix it failed, so does the second and the third. So now it's available for adoptions.

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