Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hello August!

 me :)

fix my owl cover clock, now with "eyeliners"

again, an update from my desk :p

As I wrote on the last post, I broke too many things last month.
because of those incidents, gathering more money now become on the top priority list, which could be good things, at least a big motivation for me.
that's mean I will be knitting as if I were a real spider, then designing as if I was an amoeba until I fix my netbook.
The funny thing is when bad things happen, you'll get creative.
I'm preparing a series of amigurumi (that's why it would take a long time before the next post).  Not a new thing, but it's a very special edition, special for you, and special for the person like me :p
and by the way, I just got an interesting offers. I can't wait to tell you, but I have to wait until October.  Wish me luck :)

I'll be back!!! (hopefully sooner than October, hopefully still on August)

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