Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I Scream for Android Ice Cream

it's android again!!!!!
And this time it's the  ICE CREAM series , and it's for SALE!
(not the ice cream sandwich, it's ice cream, I consciously type that)

the 7 ice cream colored Android.
from left to right:
Cherry Ice Cream (soft pink)
Mint Ice Cream (minty green) SOLD!
Framboise Ice cream (hot pink)SOLD!
Lemon Ice Cream (yellow)
Strawberry Ice Cream (baby pink)
Grape Ice Cream (purple)
Bubblegum Ice Cream (cyan)

definitely not a rainbow.

every android is handknitted by me special for this Lebaran Holiday.
only available one for each color, and it's only 60000 IDR each.
(I don't think it would be available later for pre order or custom order, cause I will be busy doing my next project. so grab it now. NOW)

why it's only 60000? cause it's smaller than the one on the left (IDR200000), and definitelly smaller than the one on the right too (IDR300000) but bigger than the tiny one (IDR 30000).
these Androids it's not an official merchandise from Google's Android (ah someday, I surely get an Android).

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