Wednesday, July 4, 2012

guilty pleasure

I don't think I'm a shopaholic, I just can't help not to buy things I like.
(it's different right?)
90% of my project use yarns from Aneka and Panda brand, and hook number 2 (or knitting needle size 2mm).
I rarely use different hook or needle, but I have a set of hooks and needles in various size, cause I want it.
I promised myself not to buy knitting tools or yarns again. but I failed.
last Saturday, I went to Indonesian knitting Festival (FRI).  I knew there would be a lot of people selling tools and yarns. and YUP, I fell in love with the green circular needle.
Yes, I already have my favorite needle at home, and the green needle size is 3, not my favorite 2 mm.
but I bought it, cause it's green.
it doesn't look like green and more like silver, but it's green, metalic green.
thankfully they don't sell pink needle in small size.
and since it's 3mm, I had to buy the yarns too so I bought pink yarn with gold accent.
it's actually the same size as my favorite aneka yarn, but what can I do? It's pink with gold!!!!

pink gold yarn, and the green (silvery-green) needle size 3 mm

anyway, I bought some bags too.  Merchandise from FRI.  I made the logo, I didn't know that they would make a bag with the logo.  

I thought the logo would looked cute on sticker or pins, but it didn't looked good on the bag :(
if only they let me design the stationery and the merchandises too :(

anyway the event was really great! I didn't participate on the event, only as a visitor (and logo designer).  see you again next year at FRI 2013 :).

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