Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I miss that you missed, Paul!

it's too late to write about the Euro, now that the Euro was over.
too late to write about Paul, too, that his season has passed.
but... don't you miss him?

"I don't care who's winning, I'm in Octopus heaven"

I planned to make Paul the octopus amigurumi before the German Vs Italy match, but I was busy doing something else.
Then I planned to finish the amigurumi before the Euro final match, but I didn't make it.
I went to Bandung last weekend, to see the FRI 2012, and as you see, I ended up making Paul amigurumi using that pink-gold yarns with that silvery green needle.
just so you know, before I got those yarn, I already begin making Paul amigurumi using hook and another yarn.
I rarely use fancy yarn, especially gold yarn, but now that Paul is no longer a mortal,  I think the shinning yarn would fit :).  

Paul's wearing gold and ready to Disco!!!

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