Sunday, May 13, 2012

Peribahasa: Bagai katak di bawah tempurung

Let's learn some peribahasa (proverb in Bahasa) again!
"Bagai katak di bawah tempurung"

translations: Like a frog under a (coconut) shell.

Yup.. the frog is under the coconut shell, not over a coconut shell and not inside the coconut shell.
so the frog is trapped under the coconut shell, she barely see anything outside the shell (hmm I wonder if the frog is claustrophobic)
anyway the proverb refers to a person who has a very little knowledge.  He/she doesn't know the world is actually wide and large and there are more to find out.
Listen well my friend, don't be a frog under the coconut shell :)

I repeat the right proverb is "bagai katak di bawah tempurung" not "bagai katak dalam tempurung"

by the way I don't remember how many frog amigurumis I have made... I really never get bored of this creature.

just some of the frog I made this year... there would be more I guess.

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