Monday, May 7, 2012

Our First Debut as Gondangdia Afterwork

last year I joined my first bazaar at Tobucil alone, and this year I joined my first bazaar as Gondangdia Afterwork member again at Tobucil.
it was really really fun. Tired of course, but I'm very happy that I have talented friends to collaborate with.
and it was a great success.
the smile of my friends when I told them about the positive respond from the bazaar visitor is priceless!
We agreed on founding Gondangdia Afterwork to specially join the Crafty Days event but I don't think I would mind if there will be more events to attend together :)
It's always a fun experience to visit or to join the Crafty Days at Tobucil,  I could meet crafty people, and of course craft lover.
and the fun multiplied cause this year my BFF accompany me during the first day, helping me manage the stand, and then also brought her family to buy a lot of things from my stand at the second day.
ah... it's really nice to have friends :)

me and my best friend, Gita... 
Yes no matter how busy we were, there's always time to take a picture!

ah.. found a picture of mine (on the right)

the more the merrier, this could be the most crowded stand :p

sorry, I don't have the close up picture of the crafty things we sell there.

but I did bought a lot of things! it's hard to pick just one as my favorite.
I love the brown coin purse from Simalakama, a book (the one on black pouch) from The Mogus, small bag from kiniakara, a journal from Journ(al)ey , a metal cloud key chain from cinnabar and a free notebook from Martha Steward House and Living Magazine.

PS: oh no another post with a lot of my faces, you'll get bored of me.... I'll be back with a new post soon!
this time is for sure!

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