Tuesday, May 29, 2012

the mini Wonderfive

just when I started to feel bored looking at my cubicle, then the Wonderfive coming.
what? you don't know the wonderfive?

from left to right, wonder-octo, wonder-bunny, wonder-bear, wonder-pig, wonder-chick, the Wonderfive!

I didn't notice they were coming cause they are so tiny!  but of course they wouldn't be called The Wonderfive if they were just tiny.

while the wonder-octo supposedly live at the sea, he prefers standing at franken's head
the wonder-chick gave up learning to fly so she's trying to get a license to ride a flamingo
being a huge fans of Walking Dead TV series, Wonder-bunny teased the zombie gorilla, not a wise choice.
Wonder-bear proved to be the bravest, took a picture together with a dead rat... I don't think he killed the rat, did he?
meanwhile, the wonder-pig....
... was ceased by the Big Bad Wolf
ah, I'm so sorry, Wonder Pig

by the way I spent my weekend making the big bad wolf, so of course there would be more story about him, soon!
all pics were edited using picmonkey , go try it :D

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