Saturday, May 12, 2012

well, sometimes I do

sometimes when I'm too tired of being myself, I try doing something I didn't like.
making lace.  I love lace, but it's not my cup of tea to make it.
so when Lia asked me to make her a doily, I took weeks doing nothing.
untill last week, I was tired after selling craft in a bazzar, too bored with my job and not in mood for making amigurumi, I tried to crochet some lace based on a Japanese pattern book.

not only making the doily for Lia, I also made some petite lace.. cause it's fun to make it.
oh yes, by the end of the day, I made a mini pig amigurumi too.

an extra... nobody order this... but I was in mood to make it, so I made small flower lace for the envelope and my business card.

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