Thursday, May 3, 2012

nerd eyeglasses

I wear eyeglasses since I was 11 years old, I wish I don't have to wear any eyeglasses, so I really can't get it why people with normal eyes are so into what they said "geeky look".
My father always ask me, why don't I wear eyeglasses when I slepping, can I see my dream clearly without my eyeglasses. it's useless to argue with him, anyway.
now, I found a solution.  eyeglasses that I could wear when I sleep.
it's nerdy, just like Dexter's (Dexter's laboratory, not that bloody TV series)
and I looked freakingly scary, I guess nobody would disturb my "beauty sleep" now.

it's really hard to take self picture especially when you don't see anything

by the way I'm not proud with the result, and I was just wasting my yarns and my time to make useless project, but it felt good :D
I really feel better after a few days of stress and bad mood.  that's why I love to crochet and knitting :p

I'll be back with the amigurumis soon ;)

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