Thursday, May 10, 2012

Redesigning toys: wind up amigurumi frog

Toy shop is always be my second favorite place to visit.
it's the second favorite after book shop cause there are more bookshops than toy shops.
I love admiring cute toys, like cooking toys set and of course plushies :)
but toys are not always cute and easily loved, blame the human who made it  (just watch the Toy Story).
The Toys need help.
so I secretly made a mission to give a "face lift" to cheap toys.
last week, I finally found a cheap wind up toys at the supermarket.
it's perfect cause it has teeth!  reminds me of my gigi series.
the first wind up toy I bought were already broken, so I tried my luck to buy the second one, and thankfully it's fine, so I didn't wait any longer to do the operation.

on the right hand is the original wind up toys

after the operation, a smiling wind up frog amigurumi

I shot a video of the jumping frog but somehow it ended up broken during the upload process.

Updated June 4th, reupload the video using Flickr... now we can watch the frog jumps :)

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