Monday, June 4, 2012

Cockroach Makeover

some friends complaining when I uploaded a lot of cockroach amigurumi pictures earlier this year.
not really sorry, I made another one.
it's different! can you tell what's different?

If your answer is "the eyes", then you are half right.
it's moving, seriously, I'm not imagining things, the cockroach amigurumi can move on its own.
during my mission to give cheap toys make over, I found a cockroach toys. this one was not cheap actually.
unlike the rubber or plastic cockraoach I had, it's battery operated and moving everywhere.

How cool is that? (or it's just the creepy me love to play with silly toys).

the cockroach amigurumi in action


  1. emank jagonya amigurumi kak dessy,,,adaaa ajhaaa idenyaa,,hahahah hebaaat,,,
    sukses trus kaaaak \n/

    1. Makasih, saya akan berusaha lebih iseng :p

  2. wah yg ini mata kecoaknya bagus :D
    haha nampaknya sudah mulai tertarik dengan kecoak ya mbak? hmmm saya sangat senang hahaha

    1. hihi... manalah berani saya sama kecoa betulan belum ijin ama Rajo Kapuyuak :)