Wednesday, November 7, 2012

oh, it's raining again!

it's not November without the rain.
this time I'm not making another frog but a baby frog or a tadpole.

my little sister love to keep tadpoles as her pet.
The bucket filled with water and frog eggs is not a pretty things to keep, but apart from that, swimming tadpoles are cute.

it's hard to take picture of them cause they always move.
this amigurumi is dedicated to my little sister who is "imut-imut kaya kecebong" (= as cute as tadpole)

I made this tadpole using glittery black cotton
I spent a very long time (months), and numerous trip using train and never finished knitting the first tadpole.
yesterday I unravel the first (unfinished tadpole), and knit it again from the beginning, and now it's done just in a few hours.
I don't know why it took a very long time to make it at the first time.

by the way,

there will be another amigurumi class at November 17, at Learning Lounge Plasa Semanggi, Jakarta.
information and registration please contact via e-mail to citraparameswari [at] yahoo [dot] com
we will learn to make the cat amigurumi, but if you have another pattern that you would like to try, just bring the pattern along :)

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