Sunday, August 1, 2010

the poo family

I don't know how to describe it,
I'm really happy.
ah... I could write better expressions in Bahasa Indonesia than in English to tell you how I feel :)
Aku syenang syekaliii ahaha ihihi uhuhu 
(warning: don't try using google translate on that sentences, I was not using proper bahasa Indonesia)

remember the Poo of Mythfits?
I made the crochet version months ago, and later Justin, the mastermind of Mythfits commissioned me to make more.
Of course I gladly did it, I'm a fans!
it was a really fun project, even tough there were many problems behind it.
first, the brown yarn was out of stock.
I did go to the town, looking for the yarn ALONE, to a lot of craft stores, and didn't found the yarn.
I was only need a little bit more to finish the last Poo doll then.... let's say I did some magic trick, so the yarn problem solved.
haha.. bad story teller? well it's my darkest secret, a magician shall not reveal her magic tricks right?

the second problem was the shipment.  I was using the regular service, but I never thought it would need almost a month to send the box of Poo from my place to their master.
I got many acnes because of the stress worrying about that box, but fortunately, The Poos finally arrived in NY.
New York.  That city I saw on CSI: New York.  I never been there, and who knows where will the Poos go next?
my older sister even said, "Ah, if only you were a poo..."

And by the way, looking at the post at Mythfits,  the problems were nothing.
I meant, just read the post, and see the pictures, they are priceless!
Thank You :)


  1. hey!! i'm a fan from singapore, if i were to order a few 'poos' from you. How much will it cost?

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  3. Hi, anonymous
    Thanks a lot :)

    The poos (ready stock) are available at the mythfits' page,
    But if you want to order from here (made by order), it would cost about $9 each plus shipping cost.
    For more informations, please send an e-mail to
    Thanks again :)

  4. waaa.................... very cute poops!!!!!!
    want it..
    berapa harga 1 family?

  5. Hi lolypop,

    thanks :)
    keluarga poo ini udah terjual,
    kalo mau bisa order lagi, harga satuannya $9/buah