Saturday, August 21, 2010

The bad and the good news

I haven't finish my weekly crocheted/knitted toys.
No that's not the bad news.

It's not really about my toys, but about the animal in Indonesia.
Last week, a Sumatran Tiger found dead at the Zoo in Surabaya.
Sumatran Tigers, the Panthera tigris sumatrae, are one of the endangered species in Indonesia, and it's a shame that the beautiful creature died at her own cage because of some unknown causes.
There must be some ways to help the Sumatran Tigers.
I need to make some research before tho.
Any ideas?

the picture was from this post

The good news is, BOSF will release the orangutans back to their habitat after 9 years.  You may read the press release here.

while we are waiting for the realization, don't stop to help the little orangutans at the conservatory.
Some of them still need to take classes before going back to the wild.
As we know that some of them were kept as domestic pet, and loosing their wildness since they were babies.
therefor, they have to learn how to survive living in they real home, the rain forest.
How do we help? The BOSF (Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation) have some ways or you may check my orangutanku project too.

Oh and by the way check my animation too :)

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