Friday, August 6, 2010

Orangutanku #7: Hanoman

Almost failed my one amigurumi every week
Not that I didn't have time to make amigurumi,  but because there were a priority list.
anyway, I added a new page here since last month, a W.A.I.D.R.N page,  so you could check what am I currently doing.  Or to be exact what crochet project I am currently doing.

Here's the orangutanku #7: Hanoman,  the white orangutan.
China have Sun Go Kong (a.k.a Sun Wu Kong or Sun Go Ku) the monkey king from Journey to the West.
India have Hanuman from the Ramayana, the epic story, which is also well known in Indonesia.
In Indonesian version, Hanuman is Hanoman or Anoman, the white and mighty monkey.

I knew monkeys are different to apes, orangutan is an ape, not a monkey :)
I made this orangutan doll not based on the Hanoman story, I just wanted to make her white, the name came out later.
The real Hanoman have a black and white checkered cloth and a crown (and have a mighty power of course).

Hanoman the orangutan doll available for adoption for IDR 170000
15% will be saved for the real orangutan at the conservatory

and by the way I'm thinking of making more colorful orangutan dolls, any suggestion?
Because all I think is pink orangutan :p

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