Monday, August 9, 2010

Felipe on Tour

last night when I was going to bed, I checked my inbox once again by my phone
what a wonderful surprise, there is an e-mail from Felipe's master, Ulrich Kleffel : 

Hi Dessy,

today we made a little tour with Felipe. 

 We took our bikes and visited a small castle in the neighbourhood:

After feeding some ducks we picked some sunflowers. 

The sign is saying "We may be picked. 30 cent/piece".


I was unable to open the picture on my phone, therefor, I had to wait until I went to the studio on the next morning, such a long wait.
But once I saw it, it really made my Monday Morning :)
Thank you very much, Uli!

Now, aren't you agree, Felipe is very lucky to have a very kind master?

By the way, it disturb me a little bit (in funny way), Felipe ride a bike, while me...
I can't ride a bike
don't tell anyone! it's a secret!


  1. You posted the one image twice ;)

  2. Ah! You were totally right :)
    thanks for the correction, I had updated it

  3. jadi inget film Amelie, yang patung gnome nya keliling dunia trus difoto di mana2... hehe :p

  4. iya, banyak ternyata yang terinspirasi Amelie :)
    moga2 ntar banyak yang beli boneka gw trus moto2 di mana-mana, lumayan buat promosi hihihi