Sunday, August 15, 2010

Knitted spider!

This is officially my first knitted project :)
I wrote in my profile that I'm a knitter,
in fact I just learned how to knit recently, let's say, since last week.
I usually made doll by crochet hook, not by knitting needle
Thanks to Anna Hrachovec's knitting mochimochi book, I finally can knit!
The first project I tried was a pig doll, I made the body and ears, but I'm too lazy to finish it.
I can't wait any longer to try making zpiderdzigh knitted toys with my own design.
So, I made the spider last night, and finished it by today lunch.

The spider based on the zpiderdzigh :)
Too bad I can't make the sharp teeth, but I guess it's enough for a beginner :p

I just ordered the knitting tools set so hopefully I could make more knitted toys as soon as it arrived at my home.

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