Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Laziness Disguised as Creativity Block

No new picture since.... since I remember.
And I haven't knit nor crochet since.... since I remember.

at first I was busy doing many thing else, and now I'm just lazy having a creativity block.
I have some amigurumi picture that I haven't share because there's no picture.
wait.. I meant, I have some amigurumis but I haven't share the pictures cause I haven't take the picture.
There were a pair of amigurumis, I didn't have the time to take the picture, and now they are with my sister, who now live far away from me.
and there's a set of amigurumis that I haven't finish, I will never finish the set, and I haven't took any picture of them. they are somewhere in my messy room.  I'm too lazy to find them.

okay... gotta stop writing now and get back to my sketchbook and designing some amigurumi. for real.

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