Friday, August 30, 2013

I'm moving ... again ... maybe

I'm living in a boarding house/ homestay, and the landlord sold the house.
so I'm moving again. maybe.
They said they will let me stay till november, but who knows?
I've been complaining a lot that I can't knit in my room, but this room has been my home for the last 22 months, of course I'm sad that I have to leave my home.
before this boarding house, I have been moving from one house to another house, from France to Indonesia, from Bandung to Jakarta. it's never easy to leave a place.
Not easy because I have to pack the small stuff, throwing useless things, picking which one to bring.
I haven't get a new place, but it has been a big dilemma when I was packing the yarns.

I might not having enough space to stack my yarns in my new room, but it would be ridiculous to live far from home without knitting/ crocheting.  And I love making amigurumis, means I need various color of yarns.  so wish me luck so I can find a wide space, cozy and affordable room.

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