Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Office Group Photo

Bob the manager gathering the team and grab the camera.
"Hey, let's do a group photo"

"camera set!  1..2..3... Cheese!"

Jim from finance: "why do we take a picture with the headset, why don't we take it at the keyboard or any office things?"
Nancy the secretary : "Yeah, instead of an office, this headset make us looked like we are inside a..."

George the err..staff : "... a wrestling area?"

 the Lucha Libre who suddenly appeared: "ARE YOU READY TO RRRRRRRUMBLE?!!!"

The original plan was to make this set of amigurumis as a Harlem Shake stop motion. I made it during the Harlem Shake fever few months ago, but I never finished it because of a sudden change of schedule.  and as time goes by, the boom is over.  I have no longer want to continue this harlem shake project.
by the way I really love Lucha Libre costume, that's why it's the first thing I planed to make for the harlem shake :)

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