Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Lonely Post Box

so it's Ramadhan again.
Post office used to be so busy during Ramadhan.
People used to send packages or postcards to their friends or family for the Idul Fitri (or Christmas or any other events)
Some people still do, but it's not like before the Mobile phone.
Again, I'm blaming the technology.

People no longer sending cards, since there are SMS or even tele-conference.
and the poor post box can't help feeling lonely and forgotten.

the sad post box.

it's only a suggestion, maybe it would be nice to send cards or letters this year.
don't you remember how happy you were when you received a lot of cards?

by the way, the design was based on Indonesian Post box, which I find has unique design compared to post box at different countries. it's just too bad we rarely use it nowadays.

newspaper and newsletter, no postcard or letter for me :(