Tuesday, July 19, 2011

X fo Xylophone

What have I done?
I didn't make anything for the past few weeks!
Now, I'm back, I really am back working out the rest 3 letter from the alphabet series.

X for Xylophone.
yup another English word, because I don't know any word in Bahasa begins with letter X.
xixixixixi? that's not even a language, it's more like written onomatopoeia for laughing,
yeah, I don't even know why they changed "h" in "hihihihi" to "x"

as you see, the parts of this xylophone is so simple and easy to make,
the reason I didn't start to make it few weeks ago was because I was too lazy to create the base.
right, the white thing under the bars, which can't be clearly seen. *sigh*

see you (hopefully) soon !

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