Friday, July 29, 2011

Z is for Zebra

when I started this alphabet amigurumi challenge, the plan was to end it with Z for zpiderdzigh.
But I already made some spiders back then, and when I tried to make a big spider, it didn't work well.
I was still knitting the spider's leg when the electricity went out yesterday.  And I still trying to finish it after dinner.
still the spider doesn't looked any good.
I almost give up, that I thought I couldn't post anything today, till I tried to make Zebra and finished it by midnight.

Z is for Zebra.

I made it based on a quick sketch after dinner.
I give the Zebra the red eyes, because I have stock of red eyes, and thought it would be a cute accent to the black and white base.

now the alphabet series is completed, what's next?
while I'm thinking about the next series, maybe I'll make something for Lebaran/ fasting month.
so for all moslems, happy fasting :)

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