Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanks, An!

if you ever wondered, why this month's posts are so unscheduled,
well, I hope An would explain it
I've been busy taking care of this little guy.

yup, it's my new hobby, making DIY miniatures 

and this is An
and this is An with the trophy we won together :)

No, not a miniature contest, but an animation contest.
An is one of the character from the animation.
I haven't got a time to make the other guy, Mon,
but surely would make Mon too.

by the way, for my friend who have her birthday today,
Happy birthday, the pattern I promised to share will be posted here later :)


  1. congrats for the trophy.

    ummmm, can't wait 4 the pattern.
    ihiy. XD

  2. wow, u win the trophy @jakarta last friday ken des??
    congratz yaph... d^^b

  3. Thanks :)

    Fannie: sabar ya hehe

    gita: iya.. lupa lapor ke gita nih hehe