Friday, November 26, 2010


lately, I'm thinking of what will I be in the next 10 or 20 years.
one thing for sure, I will never become a cat lady.
But I might become a knitted-cat lady,

or to be exact a knitted-pig-cat lady

 I share the pattern (click read more), so I wouldn't be the only knitted-pig-cat lady :P
oh by the way, Happy Thanksgiving :)

You will need:
a set of 4 double pointed needles (size 2mm)
or a circular pointed needle (same size)
1 extra double pointed needle (just in case you'll need it)
black and white fingering yarn (or your favorite choice of colors)
beads for the eyes (I'm using green yarn, instead of beads)
something for stuffing

the pattern


start from the tail part with white yarn
begin with 4sts in a round
rnd 1-2: knit around (4sts)
change to black yarn
rnd 3-21: knit around (4sts)
rnd 22: [Kfb,K1] 2 times (6sts)
rnd 23: [Kfb] 6 times (12sts)
rnd 24: [Kfb,K1] 6 times (18sts)
rnd 25: [Kfb,K2] 6 times (24sts)
rnd 26: [Kfb,K3] 6 times (30sts)
rnd 27: [Kfb,K4] 6 times (36sts)
rnd 28: [Kfb,K5] 6 times (42sts)
rnd 29: [Kfb,K6] 6 times (48sts)
rnd 30-38: knit around (48sts)
rnd 39:[k2tog,k6] 6 times (42sts)
rnd 40-42: knit around (42sts)
rnd 43:[k2tog,k5] 6 times (36sts)
rnd 44-46: knit around (36sts)
rnd 47:[k2tog,k4] 6 times (30sts)
rnd 48-50: knit around (30sts)
add some stuffing
rnd 51: [k2tog,k3] 6 times (24sts)
rnd 52:[k2tog,k2] 6 times (18sts)
rnd 53:[k2tog,k] 6 times (12sts)

rnd 54:[k2tog] 6 times (6sts)

finish off

Foot (make 4):

with white yarn, begin with 4sts in a round
rnd 1-2: knit around (4 sts)
change to black yarn,
rnd 3-4: knit around (4sts)

finish off

Nozzle (make2):

rnd 1:begin with 12 sts in a round
rnd 2: knit around [12sts]
rnd 3:[k2tog] 6 times (6sts)
finish off

Ears (make 2):

rnd 1: begin with  8sts in a round

rnd 2-3: knit around (8sts)
rnd 4:[k2tog] 4 times (4sts)
finish off, no need to add some stuffing inside


sew the foots to the body
sew the nozzle parts side by side, to form a shape like number 8, then sew it to the face
add some embroidery on the nose part as you like (I lost my needle during the process, that's why I don't do embroideries)
sew the ears to the head
add some beads for the eyes, but if it was for younger children, please consider using safety eyes or embroidered eyes.

You've got a Pig-Cat-Chu!
Last thing, don't forget to share the picture of your knitted  pig-cat-chu :)

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  1. I'm so in love with the cat. and....
    made one ❤