Saturday, December 12, 2009

lonely purple ninja

I'm always confuse when considering to use purple yarn.
I don't hate purple, I like purple.
I just can't imagine amigurumi in purple.
it is just seems weird to thinking of purple animals, while I could easily use pink, orange, or green to make a giraffe.
My sister had googling me some purple real animals, and she told me to make Barney the Dinosaurs.
No way I'm making Barney!
But I have purple yarns, and I thought I have to use it afterall.
So I used it to make a prototype for the next project.
Yes, I'm not making Barney, but I accidentally made a teletubbies !
Then I denied it and told to my self, let's pretend that I made a purple ninja not a teletubbies.
well who do you think he is?

It is said that purple is a color for singles or widows.
So I think purple is for loneliness.
I just watched "Ninja Assasin", and I think it is so lonely being a Ninja.
So it is okay to make a purple ninja amigurumi, right? (*still insisting that I made a purple Ninja, not a teletubbies)

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