Sunday, December 20, 2009

Superpocus' Water Nagi

I'm so addicted to Superpocus!

Please blame my boss who invited me to play this game.
Since I'm still in love with this game, I make an amigurumi version of my superpocus pet,
Choo Bee Da Pap, the water nagi.

the little purple (or pink?) thing is a glum, some kind of enemy in Superpocus.
And I think they're kinda cute :D

Ice Spell! thanks to my mother's vase for this cool effect.
Don't tell her I use her vase anyway
Now, check the real picture of Choo Bee Da Pap:

Do you notice there is something wrong on the first three picture?
the real water nagi has spikes!
I didn't notice the spikes, not until I was going to upload the image.
I already got some pictures, and I had put my name on it.
I was planning on making the last photo session with the doll playing Superpocus
then I noticed there's something wrong with the head part!
So I postponed the uploading process, made some spikes, and took another photo session, with a lot of grumbles here and there.
And here is the finished amigurumi version of my water nagi.

yes it is finished.
I knew that Choo Bee Da Pap has a tail, but I'm too lazy too make it.
It's already a nightmare that I have to make a pair of ears.

by the way, Water Nagi, Glum, and Superpocus are copyrighted by Slide Inc

an unnecessary fact: the background for the photo session was my birthday present wrap.
Yes, today is my birthday :D


  1. These...quite frankly...rock my socks. You are full of the awesome

  2. thank you, Johnny!
    wait a minute *checking your profile and your blog* you are the one who made Superpocus' artwork?
    Awesome! double thanks for you then :D

  3. This is so cute and amazing ! I love him! It is so much fun to see your little Nagi in a plushy form! I love love love it!